The Truth About Digestive Enzymes & What They Can Do For You!

If you’ve ever suffered from
the Pain,Discomfort or Embarrassment of Any
of The Following:

“Stanford University researchers have discovered the cause and a potential treatment for celiac sprue, researchers identify a fragment of gluten called gliadin as the celiac culprit. They have now shown that that the use of the dietary enzyme peptidase is able to break down the gliadin fragment, rendering it harmless to celiac patients, suggesting future treatment through dietary supplements.”

“For people who have lactose intolerance, the enzyme "lactase" helps digest dairy and other foods that contain lactose.”

Read On, Because What You Are About To Discover Could Put An End To your Symptoms and Their Causes - Forever!

“The digestive enzyme lactase may relieve excess gas caused by dairy products. Another digestive enzyme, alpha-galactosidase, may reduce the gas caused by beans and other carbohydrates containing the sugar raffinose.

In many older adults, the production of certain digestive enzymes and acids diminishes, interfering with protein breakdown and with the absorption of vitamin B-12, folate, and possibly calcium and iron. Lack of vitamin B-12 can have a devastating effect on the nervous system, leading to an unsteady gait, muscle weakness, slurred speech and psychosis — signs and symptoms similar to those of such age-related diseases as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.”


“After lifelong digestive and constipation issues I can say that I really don't have those problems any longer and I am very grateful for digestive enzymes!”

"My daughter Julia was 19 years old and suffering daily from unexplained continual vomiting, extreme allergy symptoms, and a general feeling of illness which was affecting all areas of her life. No traditional medicine was helping her, and she was beginning to be treated as a nuisance by medical professionals.  She felt she had no hope for good health. She then began seeing an alternative medicine practitioner who used digestive enzymes as one of the main products to help her."

"Julia has become a different person since taking them. She no longer is sick on a daily basis. Since my daughter did much better on the enzymes, I thought I would give them a try. After lifelong digestive and constipation issues I can say that I really don't have those problems any longer and I am very grateful for digestive enzymes!"

Linda & Julia I, IL

“Now I am working out in my garden and able to drink water without acid reflux ruining my day. I have fewer stomach aches and less IBS than ever before!”

“I have fibromyalgia and have had serious acid reflux, stomach aches, constant bloating and IBS. I was unable to swallow even water without the reflux acting up! I was given every drug they had for these symptoms but I couldn’t tolerate any of them, they just made things worse. I have been on the digestive enzymes in DigestEasy™ for a little over a year now and have experienced a marked improvement in my symptoms. Now I am working out in my garden and able to drink water without acid reflux ruining my day. I have fewer stomach aches and less IBS than ever before!”

Sharon S.


Why Is DigestEasy™
So Effective For So Many Conditions?

Because DigestEasy™ is the full-spectrum digestive enzymes supplement which contains15 concentrated enzymes!  Working together, these enzymes help to break down all of the food groups you ingest, along with their fats, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber! 
These enzymes also help your body to better assimilate vitamins and minerals, which removes a tremendous amount of physical stress from your gastrointestinal tract. When the body is able to assimilate the nutrients in food, irritation to the intestinal lining is also prevented, thereby preventing additional intestinal stress symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, acid reflux, heartburn and IBS.  DigestEasy™ is also100% hypoallergenic and vegetarian (including the capsule)!
There’s no doubt that DigestEasy™ is exceptionally powerful as an enzyme supplement.  But it is also very gentle, having been specially formulated for even the most sensitive stomachs.  Years of clinical experience have allowed our formulation team to create an exceptionally effective, yet gentle formula that has a profound effect on improving digestive health!
In fact, you could start reaping all of these benefits and more after having taken DigestEasy™ only once:

  • - Increased energy and stamina
  • - Fewer colds due to a stronger immune system
  • - Reduction in the occurrence of acid reflux
  • - Increased ability to lose weight and keep it off
  • - Relief from gas and constipation

“I'd recommend DigestEasy to anyone who suffers from food cravings and weight gain!”

"I've gained a lot of weight after my 2nd pregnancy; have tried everything from Curves to weight loss supplements. Working out is great, but who has time with 2 kids and a full time job. Weight loss supplement are so full of caffeine or other stimulating ingredients that I have a hard time sleeping at night. My biggest problems are cravings and bloating! Kids, work, home, laundry – every day flies by! Till recently, I never really paid attention to the cravings I had – I mostly crave sweets, I never thought that a little chocolate, bagel, breads, ice cream would get me in so much in trouble. But after my second pregnancy these cravings have become stronger, and without really paying attention I've gotten to 227 pounds. With such a weight gain, you develop other issues such as high blood pressure, bloating and constipation. I've started trying to really lose weight."

 "I was browsing on line when I came across site and came to the conclusion that the craving for sweets has become like a disease in my life. I ordered your product in the beginning of October of last year, and cannot tell you how impressed I am with this supplement. I'm not craving sugars or carbs any more. I eat a few things now and then, and in small amounts, but I don't have urges between the meals. I've lost 9.5 pounds in 2 months and still shedding pounds. I cannot describe well enough, how much better I feel by eliminating and staying away from sweets in my diet. I feel so much better! DigestEasy has helped to get rid of bloating, I am not sure if it is related to not consuming so much sweets and carbs, but it's definitely working. I'd recommend DigestEasy to anyone who suffers from food cravings and weight gain!"

Julie M, MA

“I put an end to my chronic constipation and the fatigue that came with it!”

"I never thought I would write a testimonial, but this time, I actually would like to take the time to compliment something that made a difference in my health. I had chronic constipation for years, and have been through 2 clinics and quite a few doctors who prescribed one laxative after another. I have experimented with a few alternative methods of treatment but all of this did not make any real difference. Then a friend of mine recommended that I try DigestEasy™, so I did. I've been taking DigestEasy™ for about 2.5 months and have noticed a huge difference in how I feel every day. I forgot how good one CAN feel having regular bowel movements and not fighting with a constant fatigue that comes with chronic constipation. Thanks a lot!"

Andrew H., SC

What are the 15 Enzymes in DigestEasy™,
and What Do They Do?

Enzyme Name Helps To Digest & Utilize:
Amylase Carbohydrates
Protease Proteins
Lipase Fats
Glycoamylase Carbohydrates by converting them to glucose
Alpha-Galactosidase Flatulence-causing carbohydrates, therefore reducing and eliminating intestinal gas
Pectinase Pectin in fruits
Cellulase Soluble plant fibers


Sucrose (i.e Table sugar), added to countless products as the most popular sweetener on the planet

Lactase Lactose (milk sugar), therefore reducing  lactose intolerance
Maltase Carbohydrates, malt and grain sugars, along with complex and simple sugars
Peptidase Peptides, which then break down further into component amino acids.  Also breaks down gliadin (gluten), the protein that causes Celiac disease
Xlyanase Sugars found in corn and other grains
Beta-Glucanase Components of yeast and grains
Hemicellulase Indigestible components of plant fibers

Minerals bound to phytic acids in plants; helps to absorb additional minerals
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Why Does Your Body Need Enzymes?

Food enzymes are present in raw foods.  When raw food is cooked or processed at temperatures greater than 118 F, all enzymes are destroyed.  This results in an extremely high consumption of enzyme-free food.  So if you’ve ever wondered how and why we become metabolically depleted of enzymes by the time we reach middle age, you now have the answer!
It is bad enough that most foods we consume are void of their original enzymes due to overcooking.  But when you consider that most individuals also consume a diet of highly processed food which contains hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, a frighteningly large portion of our diet can be difficult or impossible for our bodies to digest.  It’s no wonder we constantly feel bloated and fatigued, and struggle with heartburn, stomach pain and weight gain!

To make matters worse, diagnoses of indigestion, acid reflux, IBS, chronic fatigue and lowered immunity are on the rise.  Believe it or not, all of these health complaints have a root cause in poor digestion.  Just think about it; the harder your digestive tract has to work to process the foods you consume, the more energy it requires from your other organs and systems, which are already busy maintaining your optimum health!
Recent research has confirmed that more than 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines.  So it makes sense that if the intestines are working overtime to digest food, there is far less energy available to the immune system to fight off viruses and infection.
DigestEasy™ offers a simple and effective way to reintroduce lost enzymes to your intestines and increase the effectiveness of digestion.  And it’s no more difficult than taking a vitamin or mineral supplement!
Vitamins and minerals replenish key compounds in the body.  Similarly, enzymes are vital for the maintenance of healthy bodily functions and operations.  The single most effective product on the market today to fulfill that need is DigestEasy™!

“No more Sugar Cravings and Bloating!!!! 9 pounds melt away in 3 months with no effort at all!”

"Thanks to DigestEasy™ formula for helping me get rid of my worst enemy - sugar cravings. I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, diet full of salads and work out a few times a week. I try to watch my weight, as with age – I am 77, I’ve developed a tendency of gaining weight pretty quick. I really do make an effort of eating well, but my worst enemy is my sugar cravings and bloating that comes after. I've consulted with a couple of physicians about nutrition and bloating and haven't really found an answer till just recently when I came across DigestEasy™ online. DigestEasy™ has virtually eliminated my cravings for sweets, pop, high carb foods and put an end to bloating! I have lost 9 pounds in 3 months with no efforts at all. I never thought that eliminating sugar from my diet (without difficulty, I would like to add), would help to melt the weight so fast. I enjoy the way I look and in my 77th year, which is better and thinner than I did 10 years ago. DigestEasy™ is my answer!"

Anna, LO

“Dairy allergy gone!”

"Approximately 3 years ago, our daughter, Amy was allergic to any kind of milk product. Even if she just touched a drop of milk she would get an itchy rash. If ingested in any form, she would break out in hives and rash on her face. I was referred to use the digestive enzymes and now she can eat dairy products with no problem! It’s truly amazing!"

Winnie G.

How Should DigestEasy™ Be Taken
For Maximum Results?

DigestEasy’s™ concentrated formula requires only one capsule either immediately before or within ten minutes of each meal of the day to produce immediate and noticeable improvement.

When meals containing highly concentrated fats or carbohydrates (such as pasta, pizza or high sugar desserts) are consumed, it is recommended that 2 capsules be taken immediately before each meal to double the effect of the supplement and assist with faster food break down.

DigestEasy™ works best when taken with water immediately before each meal.  But if you forget, DigestEasy™ can still be taken during or after your meal with benefits. However, please remember that it is strongly recommended that you take DigestEasy™ immediately before eating for best results.

9 Reasons Why DigestEasy™
Is theDigestive Enzyme Supplement of Choice for Anyone at Any Age!

  • 1. Contains a proprietary bio-blend of 15 different enzymes for maximum
  •     digestion of proteins, sugars, starches, fats and fibers, therefore reducing
  •     food  cravings and sensitivities.
  • 2. 100% plant-based vegetarian formula, offering the most benefits to
  •      the entire digestive tract. Contains absolutely no Chymotrypsin,
  •      Pancreatin or other animal-based products of questionable integrity.
  • 3. Hypoallergenic – safe and non-reactive, even for those with high
  •     food allergies, environmental allergies and sensitive stomachs.
  • 4. No fillers or binding agents.
  • 5. Tested and free of color, odor and the following contaminants:
  •      mold, yeast, e-coli, salmonella, heavy metals, coli forms and arsenic.
  • 6. Formulated by seasoned physicians and chemists possessing
  •     many years of clinical and development experience in the enzyme industry.
  • 7. Helps boost the immune system by supporting digestion naturally.
  • 8. Easy-to-swallow small capsule.
  • 9. Previously available exclusively to doctors and health care
  •     practitioners, but now made available and affordable to the public!

“I have had difficulty digesting some foods since my gallbladder was removed. I feel so much better after starting on DigestEasy”

"I feel so much better after starting to use your product. About 2 years ago, I had my gallbladder removed and since, I have had difficulty digesting some foods. If I eat something that is just a little spicy or a fattier meal than usual, I would have a strong burning sensation in my stomach and feel so bloated - that usually lasts up to 2 hours. I was recommended DigestEasy™ by a natural health care practitioner and decided to try it.
I have been your loyal customer for the past 4 months, and want to truly thank you for this product as it has dramatically improved the quality of my life. I haven't been experiencing a burning sensation or bloating since about a week after I started the DigestEasy™.
After the surgery, I really thought that I would have to deal with the stomach burning and bloating for the rest of my life, but there is a solution and I appreciate that it's 100% natural. Thank you, your product is truly making a difference in my life!"


“No more medication for stomach aches and sour stomachs either; a digestive enzyme with a full glass of water does the trick.” 

"I am a mother of 5 children and their health and nutrition is very important to me. The best nutritional supplement I can offer them is digestive enzymes. These enzymes in DigestEasy are vital in allowing the body to break down and absorb nutrients from the food my family eats. No more medication for stomach aches and sour stomachs either; a digestive enzyme with a full glass of water does the trick."

Leann B, IL

How Does DigestEasy Measure Up
When Compared With Over-The-Counter (OTC)
Antacid Medications?

With the continued rise of gastrointestinal disorder diagnoses, pharmaceutical companies are certainly cashing in; over $40 billion is currently being spent each year on OTC and prescription antacid medications!

But is it possible that these OTC and prescription medications are actually making these conditions worse?

How Do OTCs Work?

OTCs work by temporarily suppressing stomach acid.  Therefore, they can reduce symptoms.  Unfortunately, OTCs can also cause numerous other problems by causing the stomach to allow the passage of foods into the intestines before those foods have been properly broken down.  This only irritates the intestinal lining and can contribute to many health problems, including:

When an individual who suffers from indigestion of one type or another takes an antacid or similar OTC product, the OTC alters the stomach’s biochemistry, suppressing the body’s acid producing capabilities, which only invites the problem to increase in severity.

Acid Reflux and OTCs
For most, stomach acid production diminishes with age.  This, combined with regular use of OTCs (see above) can actually increase the possibility and severity of acid reflux due to the diminished strength of stomach acid. This can result in the stomach’s inability to adequately break down food.  Once acid reflux has begun, it gradually weakens the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the muscle above the stomach which prevents food from reversing (or refluxing) into the esophagus.  The weaker the LES, the more severe the symptoms.

It’s also been widely noted that symptoms can often worsen when a person stops taking an OTC and doesn’t change anything else about their diet.  How can this be possible? Because the body starts producing more acid in response to having its natural supply continually controlled and diminished.

“Thanks to DigestEasy™ - No more bloating or gas!”

"I have a busy lifestyle, I travel 4-5 days a week, and fly all over the country! I eat on the go, and live on the go. I believe bloating and gas are the results of my “on the go” eating habits. And as a result I feel very tired after eating each time. I needed something that would help me get rid of bloating and gas – you just can't have that when sitting on the airplane surrounded by a hundred people, right? I needed something that would improve my digestion and help me with my diet. I came across DigestEasy™ online a few months ago –  it was recommended on and the name of the supplement just caught my eye! DigestEasy™ does what it promises to do in its name. No more bloating or gas, and after eating discomforts at the worst possible times. It truly helps to accommodate my “on the go” lifestyle and eating habits."

Vlad, CA

“I have been taking the DigestEasy™ supplement for a little over 4 months, and have noticed a dramatic improvement with my acid reflux”

"Since my late teens I have had serious problems with acid reflux and stomach burning. I knew that acid reflux and diet were intimately related but had trouble implementing a change in diet that would help. I know coffee can be a problem but it is a hard habit to kick! I have been taking DigestEasy™ supplement for a little over 4 months, and have noticed a dramatic improvement.  Thanks a lot. God bless!" 

Lauren, NC

“I highly recommend DigestEasy™ for anyone traveling and having to deal with disruptions in their regular diet”

"I used DigestEasy on a recent trip to Malaysia to help me with all the foods I was not accustomed to eating and I was able to enjoy every meal without any discomfort afterwards.  I highly recommend DigestEasy for anyone traveling and having to deal with disruptions in their regular diet."

Scott J.

The Answer To Eliminating
Acid Reflux Is Not In The Suppression Of Normal Stomach Acid Production.

Nor is it in the reduction of the body’s ability to digest food.

The answer to intestinal, stomach and digestion
problems is to supplement with digestive enzymes like DigestEasy™
which encourage the body’s ability to digest food, safely and naturally!


Why Reach For Potentially Harmful,
High-Risk Pharmaceutical Products That Will
Only Mask Your Symptoms And Ignore The Root
Cause Of Your Digestive Problems?

You can get to the root of your digestion problems and prevent further pain right now, naturally, with DigestEasy™!

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